Alex Cozzutto

filme et édite des vidéos pro en moins de 24h

The network of digital freelancers Slash Prod makes creative strategies & digital products to help public & private organisations in Brussels spread their message across Europe.

If you'd like your organisation/company to be more VISUAL-DIGITAL-CREATIVE, I can help you make the best use possible of your budget.

I am a freelance digital communication producer and project manager, who holds a PhD in International Relations and believes that good digital work is about people.

I can help you and your company/institution produce corporate videos, animations, infographics, websites & apps, as well as conceive a new digital strategy or launch a bold communication campaign.
I find the most talented professionals and take care of budget and deadlines.

I am currently developing a new amazing technique to film and edit professional videos in less than 24h, because I am very interested in media education as a tool of social inclusion.

I also develop a number of side projects to feed my curiosity for social and technological change.



  • video (corporate, teaser, motion-graphics, live streaming, aerial shooting)
  • digital transformation (strategies, campaigning)
  • web&graphic design (responsive websites, applications, logos, print)


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